SLAC: Spoken Language Annotation Comparison

Lorenzo Gregori1, Alessandro Panunzi1, Bruno Rocha2
1University of Florence, 2Federal University of Minas Gerais

DOI: 10.1075/scl.94.slac

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by Prosodic Break:
or by free text
1.*DAN:what's hearts
2.*JEN:hearts it's the card game
3.*DAN:oh yeah put it up there
4.*JEN:wanna play hearts
5.*DAN:let's check that one out neat wait play novice I've never played hearts before in my life
6.*JEN:you've never played hearts
7.*DAN:no I don't know how to play it
8.*JEN:oh okay I'll teach you
9.*DAN:passing disabled
10.*JEN:queen of &sp
11.*DAN:that's you
12.*JEN:&he first lead rotates first yeah always pass left alright so this is us okay every heart is one point the &q queen of spades is thirteen points the object is not to have any points
13.*DAN:is &tr
14.*JEN:and you play following suit and you can take if you take tricks &th the highest card of the suit takes the trick if you don't have the card of the suit you throw whatever you want
15.*DAN:okay so &h hearts and the queen of spades are the only thing that that have points
16.*JEN:are bad that are that are points right
17.*DAN:so we got like three points right here right
18.*JEN:we have three points in our hand exactly
19.*DAN:and we &w wanna try to get rid of that
20.*JEN:right but we're passing now the first thing you do is you pass three cards to your left now these are low hearts so I can I'm not gonna pass those I'm gonna pass the &f four of clubs and these are two high
21.*DAN:all the &y &right why is that
22.*JEN:why just because and cause you should always pass a club so that the person so the first hand everyone has a club so that they can't discard a heart cause you always assume that everyone's &t no one is void of a suit the first time around so you don't have to worry about throwing a high card
23.*DAN:yeah yeah
24.*JEN:and then I'm gonna throw two high cards so I don't take those tricks because
25.*DAN:but what difference does it make if you take a trick
26.*JEN:well because &I cause if I &t if I take a &tr the &k diamond trick and somebody didn't have diamonds and they threw a heart into that pile I was gonna take that with that ace
27.*DAN:they're not worth anything